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Affinity Hires Fiona Zhang as Associate Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF., (February 21, 2023) -- Affinity Investment Advisors, LLC, a Newport Beach, Calif.- based leading independent investment advisor, has hired Tianyue “Fiona” as Associate Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst at the firm.

Ms. Zhang brings her education and prior experience to Affinity to support both the portfolio management team while bringing her unique background to our research efforts. Her solid foundation in math, economics and financial engineering will be bring valuable expertise to many of Affinity’s clients.

“Fiona’s is a unique individual that brings talent, energy and very specific skills not found easily in today’s talent pool. We were able to witness and utilize her work prior to her accepting this full-time role and her impact on the investment team at Affinity has already been felt. Her strong interest and quick grasp of the investment industry and the specific strengths of our firm made an impact on Affinity’s leadership” said Gregory Lai, Principal and Lead Portfolio Manager for Affinity. “She adds incredible programming, quantitative expertise, and critical thinking to our team, and I look forward to working directly with her.”

Ms. Zhang completed two degrees from University of California, Irvine, a B.S. Mathematics and a B.A. Business Economics. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and Dean’s Honor recipient for 10 quarters. Prior to joining Affinity, Fiona earned a Master’s of Science in Financial Engineering from the #3 nationally ranked MFE program at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Affinity’s success is based on a pragmatic disciplined investment approach where earnings and valuation matter. Clients gain from an experienced and collaborative collection of individuals who comprise a portfolio management team with decades of experience managing the investment assets for a diverse slate of institutional investors.

About Affinity Investment Advisors, LLC

Affinity Investment Advisors, LLC is a leading independent investment advisor based in Newport Beach, California. Driven by a passion to be our clients’ most trusted equity investment manager, the company offers a diverse product suite focused on maximizing financial returns for the long-term investor. While its client base is mainly institutional, Affinity serves retail clients through advisory relationships with nationally recognized firms.

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