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Craig von Peters

Director of Advisor Services

Craig is Director of Advisor Services. He’s passionately focused on working with independent financial advisors and wealth management firms to identify how our team can help them differentiate and grow their practices. He works broadly with business owners to help them spend less time working in their practice, so they can spend more time working on their practice by servicing clients and finding new clients. More importantly, guiding them through transition and implementing growth plans without throwing more personnel and capital at growing.


Having begun his career nearly 30 years ago with Lehman Brothers, Craig has been involved in all facets of wealth management and institutional private capital markets. Before establishing his career in wealth management, he spent 15 years advising institutional investors in the Middle East and Europe in alternative investments.


Craig is integrally involved with strategy, platform development, acquisitions, and most importantly, building and managing relationships. Prior to joining Affinity, he spent 7 years with an institutional fixed income manager and with Keystone National Group, a private markets credit investment firm managing investments for family offices and wealth managers. Earlier in his career, he was a founding member of VentureRound Group, a New York-based, boutique investment bank, where he managed relationships with over 200 private equity funds and corporate development groups. Before VentureRound, as Managing Director, Craig spearheaded product development in the alternative investment group of MFR Capital Partners LLC, an affiliate of Maria Fiorini Ramirez global consulting, a leading macro-economic advisory firm.


Craig and his wife Pilar live in Laguna Beach, California with their two fur babies, Lucy & Peanut. They are both active in ministry in their community. He is an avid cyclist and spends any spare time in the eastern sierras backpacking. He loves traveling, peak bagging and proudly admits to being a pizza and coffee snob.